Review: DJ Heure – Outsider Resource



“Outsider Resource,” the debut release from new London dance label All My Thoughts, finds Australian producer DJ Heure trafficking in the moody, lo-fi aesthetic currently ascendant in certain circles of Internet-propelled house music. Reaching over to explore a classic English style, the Adelaidean artist combines frantic breakbeats with soulful pads and electric piano, for an unsettled ambiance that evokes a quiet walk back from the club in a misty dawn.

Such a cloudy style is perhaps non sequitur coming from an artist working on a remote, sun-drenched island, but it puts him in good company, namely alongside heralded Down Under producer Mall Grab, who broke into the top 100 DJs of 2016 in Resident Advisor’s readers’ poll.

Globally, the scene’s prominent enough now to warrant even a recent article on, which highlights the success of labels like England’s Lobster Theremin, and compares it to the cassette tape indie rock of the mid 1990s, which emphasized character and individuality over professional polish.

Among those championing the sound is South London music mogul Seb Wildblood, the man behind the new imprint, who somehow also finds the time to run the other go-to record labels Church and Costal Haze, alongside touring and putting out his own saxophone-driven house cuts.

This new record from DJ Heure hits all the marks for a gritty, unfocused sound crafted with primitive drum machines and keenly honed samples, following up his debut from last year on Distant Hawaii, a sub-label of Lobster Theremin.

But where the producer’s previous efforts could be seen to languish in its murky aura, the new tracks find catharsis amidst the gloom, shaking with nervous energy and cresting in synthesized instruments that build over tenderly warbled drum machines and bass-lines.

Ahead of the record’s Valentine’s Day release, you can stream the title track, where drum machines and breakbeats bang emphatically beneath squirrelly arpeggios and off-kilter percussion samples, all coming together for a hypnotic journey.

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