Interview: Frikardo

Based out of Subotica, Serbia, near the border with Hungary, Frikardo creates grooving house music with chopped, hip hop inspired samples. His debut LP Smoovin’ High garnered the attention of influential DJs such as Coldcut and Seven Davis Jr., who featured tracks from the album in their mix celebrating the 25th anniversary of the groundbreaking electronic label Ninja Tune. Last month, he followed up in style with the new EP Way to Katanga, released on Belgian label Gents and Dandy’s. I asked him about the development of his style, and what’s unique about dance music in Serbia. Continue reading “Interview: Frikardo”

Review: 4004 – Night Body Lies

Mexican house producer 4004 continues his exploration of deep jazz and techno influences on his new EP Night Body Lies, recorded after a summer spent marinating in the dark club ambience of Berlin. It’s four tracks of atmospheric, uncanny dance music conjured with earthy, growling bass tones, driven Rhodes organ chords, and propelled forcefully by hip hop inflected drum samples. Overall, it finds a pure techno aesthetic, striking a sublime center between the suggestions of mysticism and of technological futurism. Continue reading “Review: 4004 – Night Body Lies”

Review: Felix Leifur – The Sunday Club

Felix Leifur’s debut record opens with morning light breaking across a rugged mountain peak, in an arcade of noise. A child’s toy whirs its pattern, shrouded in magic chirping bells, as strange and wonderful as the Good Witch of the North welcoming us to Oz.

Throughout The Sunday Club EP, this Icelandic producer seems to celebrate the sublime enchantment of his homeland, with its bizarre and majestic landscape, imbued with a mythical aura. Continue reading “Review: Felix Leifur – The Sunday Club”

Review: Project Pablo – Priorities

Across Priorities, Project Pablo takes us on trip into a smokey lounge populated by mustachioed porn stars, big-lapeled coke dealers, fake palm trees, and existentially troubled robots, with Stan Getz playing quietly in the background.

It’s a soulful and cruising series of house tracks from one of the most interesting voices to come out of the idiosyncratic school of dance music surrounding Canada’s 1080p Collection. Continue reading “Review: Project Pablo – Priorities”